Service Appointments:

Please arrange with our staff prior to bringing your airplane to us. You may give us a call or email (see CONTACT information page). We are open 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday except for holidays.

Dropping your airplane at KEDC after-hours:

You may bring your airplane to Austin Executive Airport at any time. Upon arrival, just taxi to the FBO (they are open 24-7!) Please lock your airplane (logs may be left inside the airplane), DO NOT set your parking brake, and leave the keys with the customer-service desk. The line-service staff at KEDC has full access to our hangar and will put your airplane away. It's that easy!

Customers Needing a FAA Ferry Permit:

New rules make it much simpler for ower/pilots to obtain a ferry permit directly from the San Antonio FAA FSDO.

But, first: Call Bob to verify all is OK! This request is for recently expired inspections or other non-airworthiness concerns. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE OF YOUR AIRPLANE'S AIRWORTHINESS, WE ARE GLAD TO COME TO YOU - IT IS MUCH BETTER TO BE SAFE, THAN SORRY!

1. Download Form 8130-6 from or the link below:

2. You need only fill out page 3 of this form for a Special Flight Permit (Ferry Permit)

3. Fax this to San Antonio FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) at (210) 308-3399

4. Obtain the approval from the FSDO and carry this with you in the airplane.

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