Service Appointments:

Please arrange with our staff prior to bringing your airplane to us. You may give us a call or email. We are open 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday except for holidays. Please try to book appoinments a week in advance; two months in advance for annual inspections. 

Dropping your airplane at KEDC after-hours:

You may bring your airplane to Austin Executive Airport at any time. Upon arrival, just taxi to the FBO (they are open 24-7) Please lock your airplane (logs may be left inside the airplane), DO NOT set your parking brake, and leave the keys with the customer-service desk. Please take all personal items out of the plane before you bring it, this inculdes your headsets. You can arrage tie down or hangar storage with the FBO or have them park the plane on our ramp. 

Customers Needing a FAA Ferry Permit:

New rules make it much simpler for ower/pilots to obtain a ferry permit directly from the San Antonio FAA FSDO.

But, first: Call Bob to verify all is OK! This request is for recently expired inspections or other non-airworthiness concerns. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE OF YOUR AIRPLANE'S AIRWORTHINESS, WE ARE GLAD TO COME TO YOU - IT IS MUCH BETTER TO BE SAFE, THAN SORRY!

1. Download Form 8130-6 from or the link below:

2. You need only fill out page 3 of this form for a Special Flight Permit (Ferry Permit)

3. Fax this to San Antonio FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) at (210) 308-3399

4. Obtain the approval from the FSDO and carry this with you in the airplane.

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